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Nicholas Bayerle: The Relationship Between Health And Wealth

Nicholas Bayerle is the CEO of Billion Dollar Body and Creator of the Billion Dollar Brotherhood. He’s the host of the BDB podcast, an international speaker and author of the Modern Day Businessman. He went from obese, college dropout to fit, to creating a 7 figure business, healthy and married to the woman of his dreams Amanda. Nicholas was named a top 30 under 30 Influencer, has been featured in numerous media outlets such as Forbes and has interviewed some of the top entrepreneurs. He lives by the philosophy that your network is your net-worth. Nicholas resides in southern California and is passionate about his marriage, faith, family, friends and giving back to those he can help.

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Show Notes

Today's interview: The Relationship Between Health And Wealth With Nicholas Bayerle

[2:58] What stuck with you from those actionable items?

  • The identity with [from] the lack of success
  • Being in an environment that prevented success
  • What's more important who you know or environment?

[5:09] Shifting your environment really helped?

  • Think And Grow Rich was important
  • What got you here won't get you there
  • 6 figure roadmap gave me a lot of opportunity
  • Do whatever it takes to get to that 1st 6 figures

[10:41] How did you know that your first health business was the thing you wanted to do?

  • The things you are good at vs passionate about
  • Gained 60 lbs and eventually gave up every identity
  • My confidence and power came back, the investment in your body shows
  • When your passion ties to your business
  • Skillset plus the wave of opportunity
  • How Gary Vee helped me and why mentors are important

[20:58] How big of an effect does your health have on you?

  • Your weight weighs on your mind, identity
  • You can't outsource your health
  • Health, Wealth and Relationships can be controlled

[25:00] Rapid Fire Questions

  • What is one non-negotiable habit you implement every day?
  • What is one book you wish everyone in the world would read?
  • On what do you like to spend your time and money outside of business?
  • What is the most memorable experience you have ever had?
  • What is the most insightful or actionable event you have ever been to?

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