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We are on an endless pursuit to serve others well. Our mission is to create a different way to deliver education and technology through meaningful strategic partnerships, high level negotiation, and the nurturing of our community. We are the bridge between people getting from where they are and where they want to be. 

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The LVRG Origin Story

Allow us to tell you a quick story about the time we realized how expensive growing a business is. At the time our community of entrepreneurs were trying to grow their businesses but they soon realized how quickly their expenses increased. They were struggling with trying to provide for themselves and those they loved. They were getting more and more depressed and hopeless, due to the amount of different softwares, courses, and tools in the world.

Then the bottom fell out from under them when they realized monthly cashflow is the lifeblood of their business and it was disappearing. Which meant they couldn't give their family the life they were promised. As you can imagine, they were in bad shape and desperate, but they weren't ready to give up on their dream of creating something profitable out of their passion so that they could feed their family, give themselves incredible experiences, and step out of the negative emotions that come with attempting to create a profitable stream of income.

That's when we took it upon ourselves to learn how to take a high level corporate enterprise software negotiation and deliver for our community of small business owners.

At that point, everything changed! We discovered how to:

  • Save our community thousands of dollars a year and sometimes even a month!
  • Negotiate deals and discounts on tools, software, and courses with large companies like ActiveCampaign, Zoom, Thinkific, and many others!
  • Give 20% of everything we make to our preferred non-profits!

Because we discovered how to take a high level enterprise software negotiation and bring it down to the little guys, we decided to:

  • Create a membership that gives people access to these deals, discounts, a community of entrepreneurs, and chance to get free training from some top level experts in many different categories of business.
  • Put money back in our customer's pockets every single month with endless savings.

Now we are living our dream of serving our community of entrepreneurs and non-profits and our community never has to worry about overwhelming expenses ever again.

And that's why we're so passionate about the "LVRG Membership" so you can experience what it feels like to put meaning behind your business, save money, and feed people in the process of making your dreams become a reality.