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Nik Koyama: How To Sell Video Production Services At Higher Rates

Nik Koyama is a creative advisor for some of the largest online marketers and entrepreneurs in the world. Along with advising, Nik implements his own video strategies and teaches thousands of entrepreneurs how to do the same.

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Show Notes

Today's interview: How To Sell Video Production Services At Higher Rates With Nik Koyama

[1:40] Nik Koyama story introduction

  • He picked up a video camera and learned how to sell things and make videos that sold products
  • He signed up his first business when he was 9 years old

[5:22] For someone who wants to create a successful video business, what are 3 things you would tell them to focus on in the next 90 days?

  • Learn to optimize things so that you can put the least amount of energy in to get the biggest return out
  • Use more video to display your products and services and connect with your customers on a deep level

[7:56] What was the best investment you've ever made in your business?

  • Learning how to lead with courage and investing in himself
  • His phone was another major investment

[11:44] What unexpected challenges have you run into in your business?

  • Not offloading work to a team sooner
  • Not building a tribe at the very beginning of the business

[17:47] Was making 6-figures everything you thought it was going to be?

  • He hit his first 6-figures when he was in high school
  • Hitting 6-figures is everything he has ever wanted
  • Every dollar he makes he knows he has helped someone else make dozens more dollars

[21:04] What changed from previous businesses to now?

  • He hired smart people and he is no longer doing everything himself
  • He is constantly surrounded by people smarter than him

[21:55] What separates you from others?

  • He believes he has a lot of empathy toward others
  • He makes business decisions based off of perception and how others will perceive them
  • He creates ideas based off of what he thinks will be relevant in the future
  • Growing businesses is his strength not running them

[25:06] What shifted for you to find success as a Video Warrior?

  • Focusing on his strengths of idea creation not operations
  • Having one partner do operations and the other craft the vision is key

[28:16] Why are you such a night person?

  • School and hiring overseas caused him to become a night owl
  • He also loves the dark
  • Everyone is asleep and he feels free and good when he is by himself creating

[29:38] Where can people find you?

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