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Liz Germain: YouTube Marketing Mastery

Liz Germain teaches people how to make money on the Internet, and she specializes in YouTube SEO & video marketing. She help people create and sell online courses, products and services so they can create a profitable business that (mostly) runs itself. 

In 2012, she built a six figure online business in one of the most competitive industries on the market. She did it in less than 1 year by creating digital products and building effective video marketing funnels and simple sales systems. 

Now she teaches others how to build and leverage their own online video marketing & sales funnels to build audiences, make great income and change the world.

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Show Notes

Today's interview: YouTube Marketing Mastery With Liz Germain

[3:00] Where did you start your Super Sister Fitness journey?

  • Liz ended up losing over 50 pounds of body weight by exercising and eating better
  • Her sister was inspired by her progress and they decided to team up and share fitness tips with people
  • They started a 6-week workout program
  • Business started to increase so they needed to implement systems and strategies that allowed the company to run itself
  • Her sister ended up leaving and getting married now they earn residual income from YouTube, physical products and affiliate partnerships.

[7:54] Since you were both "normal" people who sat on the couch and ate potato chips all the time, did imposter syndrome kick in when you started creating your content?

  • No matter how much money you are making in your business, you are going to feel some level of imposter syndrome
  • She never felt imposter syndrome until two or three years into the business
  • We never learned how to eat well or take care of ourselves when we lived in the Midwest
  • Their intention was never to be experts or influencers, they wanted to speak to women just like them
  • The imposter syndrome came from the pressure of growing the business and leaving their full-time jobs

[12:56] What systems did you implement in order to maintain a sustainable business?

  • Automated email campaigns
  • Hired a customer support specialist
  • They started generating advertising revenue, affiliate revenue, and brand deal revenue

[15:29] What were the different income streams you had?

  • Affiliate marketing - selling other people's stuff
  • YouTube advertising revenue
  • Creating brand deal strategic partnerships

[18:59] What were your different traffic sources?

  • Their email list was their main traffic source
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • They utilized YouTube's organic search engine since it is owned by Google
  • Study valuable keywords

[22:05] For people who want to replicate what you have created, what would you tell them to focus on?

  • Identify your niche and become the very best in that category
  • Create high-quality branded content
  • Use call-to-actions (like, comment, subscribe)
  • The end-goal should be to get people on your email list

[24:33] Where can people find you, learn more about you, and interact with you?

[26:32] What marketing additions are you adding into your business?

  • She is going head first into Pinterest. She was invited to a Pinterest program on using Live Video.

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