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Katya Sarmiento: The Systems Blueprint To Reach And Make Millions

The travel-hacker, known as "The King of Outsourcing" Jeff J Hunter is an expert at building Virtual Teams Worldwide.

He has helped SCALE Million Dollar Startups to Billion Dollar Enterprises and helped HUNDREDS of Entrepreneurs grow their businesses VIRTUALLY.

He has worked with some of the world's largest brands in multiple industries.

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Show Notes

Today's interview: Katya Sarmiento: The Systems Blueprint To Reach And Make Millions

[1:59] Cam Introduces Katya

  • Every podcast host/guest should have a podcast one-sheet
  • Setup systems for everything in your business

[3:49] What is the most common struggle business owners have when they come to you?

  • They are getting an influx of clients, but can't maintain them
  • They don't have a system setup to handle a lot of clients
  • Their focus is to be working on the business not in it
  • There is not a documented process for each unit in their business

[8:25] What are systems?

  • Growing and scaling are two different things
  • Creating a process that can be repeated over and over again
  • Tracking their time and setting an hourly rate
  • Eliminating admin tasks

[13:35] What metrics should they be tracking to increase their profit/ROI?

  • Configure your profit margins
  • Compare the categories of your business based on expense
  • Automate data tracking

[19:30] How do you get other people to take this over for you?

  • Create and tweak your organizational chart
  • Fire yourself from positions you don't belong
  • Make sure your team fits your internal culture
  • Create an identifying assessment to vet your potential hires

[31:56] Rapid Fire Questions

  • What is one non-negotiable habit you implement every day?
  • What is one book you wish everyone in the world would read?
  • On what do you like to spend your time and money outside of business?
  • What is the most memorable experience you have ever had?
  • What is the most insightful or actionable event you have ever been to?

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