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Jeff J. Hunter: Build A Virtual Team At Any Stage In Your Business

The travel-hacker, known as "The King of Outsourcing" Jeff J Hunter is an expert at building Virtual Teams Worldwide.

He has helped SCALE Million Dollar Startups to Billion Dollar Enterprises and helped HUNDREDS of Entrepreneurs grow their businesses VIRTUALLY.

He has worked with some of the world's largest brands in multiple industries.

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Show Notes

Today's interview: Build A Virtual Team At Any Stage In Your Business With Jeff J. Hunter

[1:21] Jeff J. Hunter Introduces Himself

  • He has been a tech guru and geek his whole life
  • He has worked in the corporate world and for a Fortune 500 Company
  • He loves project management and got in trouble for outsourcing work at his old job
  • He is now a serial entrepreneur with multiple companies

[5:64] Jeff explains how he started outsourcing

  • He started outsourcing Gantt Charts at his previous job for $5/hour
  • Building a virtual team is cheaper
  • He has 50+ employees in the Philippines
  • It's hard to find loyal people in America

[10:59] How has outsourcing changed your life personally and in your business?

  • He realizes he is not as good at everything like he thought he was
  • It has increased the quality of my own brand
  • He is able to do more now that he has a virtual team

[16:07] The 17-minute marketing strategy

  • Create one month's worth of content in 17 minutes
  • His team takes his videos and breaks it into blog posts and different social media posts
  • No one is taking their content game serious

[20:48] Is there ever a point where the content doesn't feel like yours anymore?

  • All of the content is your creation, it's just edited by a team of experts
  • Create a feedom recipe where you teach your team to create in your voice

[25:24] People know what they don't like doing, but they haven't put it on paper

  • Use a tool like Zoom to record your videos and turn the audio into a written SOP
  • Speak to your team over a conferencing app like Zoom and tell them what you want

[28:39] "I can't afford to build a virtual team"

  • People are playing too small
  • You can't afford NOT to build a team

[31:58] What should people focus on to start outsourcing in the next 90 days?

  • Stop saying YES to everything
  • Build a team so you can start doing more in your business
  • Make sure you are 100% focused on a vision
  • Do everything with intention


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