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Greg Rollett: The Framework For Turning Content Into Profit

Greg Rollett is an Emmy® Award-Winning Producer, Best-Selling Author and media expert who works with financial advisors and small business owners from all over the world to create personality driven online video and TV shows that generate more leads and sales for their business. He is the host of Ambitious Adventures, a travel reality show for entrepreneurs that can be seen on Amazon Prime, as well as Facebook Watch. Rollett is the founder of, a media network that is known as “the voice of small business.” Through and the Ambitious TV Network, they have been able to create hundreds of online TV episodes for their clients that are now seen across the globe on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Smart TV’s, iOS and Android devices and many other online and offline outlets. They have created thousands of "snackable" videos for professionals that are building that all too important know, like and trust factor every day, on every major social playform. This gives small business owners and opportunity to be seen and heard by the people that they can best help.

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Show Notes

Today's interview: The Framework For Turning Content Into Profit With Greg Rollett

[3:33] How do people implement a beneficial content marketing strategy? How do they get paid?

  • Content for content sake isn't winning
  • Who, What, Offer
  • Niche down makes it easier to market to
  • Put yourself into a box/bucket that makes you worth hiring 
  • Do exercise: 4 content quadrants

[10:39] How do you distribute that content?

  • Go deep on what your audience/industry is talking about
  • Build idea topics for each quadrant
  • Pick one idea and film. Rinse. Repeat.
  • Just the highlights please 
  • 7 days to promote your highlight video

[14:55] Explain the weekly promotion that you speak about in your ambitious video planner?

  • FB user scrolls the Statue of Liberty
  • Don't miss out on telling your audience what to do
  • Don't be scared to ask for money
  •  Always move people, they want it
  • Video views are vanity metrics

[19:00] What strategy do you use to pitch? And how do you get people to be comfortable?

  • Stop holding the cure to cancer back
  • Always be offering, if you believe in your offer
  • Do you want your audience to have the best future?

[22:24] Number one most important business growth strategy?

  • Consistency 
  • Everything works you just got to work it
  • Gary Vee now vs Gary Vaynerchuk then

[25:15] Rapid Fire Questions

  • What is one non-negotiable habit you implement every day?
  • What is one book you wish everyone in the world would read?
  • On what do you like to spend your time and money outside of business?
  • What is the most memorable experience you have ever had?
  • What is the most insightful or actionable event you have ever been to?

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