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Dave Evans: Leadership Or Leader$#*!

Dave Evans, Founder of RLC Global, Real Leadership Coaching, Author of 'Leadership or Leadersh£@!' - Co-inventor of FireStarter Business NLP in just 2 days, RLC Chief Leadership Disruption Officer - Passionate Scot, Ironman, Extreme endurance cyclist, husband, father and Pops [2 grand children - no way!] and all round mentalist. 

He helps create best version businesses and people.

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Show Notes

Today's interview: Leadership Or Leader$#*! With Dave Evans

[1:27] What is Real Leadership Coaching and why did you start it?

  • We live in a world live today where there is a leadership deficit
  • That leadership deficit shows up in our communities shows up in our schools, shows up in our educational system, shows up global politics, and it shows up in our clients
  • Leadership is putting your agenda behind the organization, putting your second to the organization you're leading or building and actually focusing on the right things in the room

[3:49] What are 3 key items people should focus on to hit 6-figures consistently in their business?

  • First is by creating the Best Version Business Framework
  • Get rid of the clutter in your life and in your business
  • Do you know what your focus is?
  • Stay single minded in the things you're going to go after you really do have to have an obsession about what you think is possible
  • Model the leadership behavior that you ask of your clients, team, or people in your circle

[8:03] What is the most common element that holds people back from getting from where they are to where they want to be?

  • Sometimes you think you know what you need to do, but you don't end up doing it
  • People don't commit to the change that they desire

[13:03] What do you see being the most important aspect of growth in the next 24 months?

  • Embrace mindfulness and offer room for skill development

[16:59] Rapid Fire Questions

  • What is one non-negotiable habit you implement every day?
  • What is one book you wish everyone in the world would read?
  • On what do you like to spend your time and money outside of business?
  • What is the most memorable experience you have ever had?
  • You're stranded on an island, who are two celebrities you would want to be stranded with?

[19:57] Please give a brief synopsis of your book and where people can get it

  • If you're serious about learning and doing and putting things into action and then learning about the results that you get, then you should read the book
  • If you're someone who likes to read acquire knowledge and do nothing. Don't bother.
  • You can get the book on Amazon or for FREE on Kindle

[30:40] Last piece of advice

  • Sort out your daily routine
  • Enjoy the fact that you are alive today

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