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A Company Built Around Community And Social Responsibility

The Birth Of The LVRG Membership

Our Founder and CEO, Sylvania Harrod has found a way to feed 1 billion people around the world..

On March 24th, 2018, Sylvania launched the first LVRG membership offer. With an expectation of only 40-50 people that would be interested, within 48 hours, over 1,500 small business owners and entrepreneurs wanted to join LVRG.

It all started by asking ourselves "what would happen if entrepreneurs and small business owners came together for a common cause?"

Word got out, and soon enough, it expanded form what was originally supposed to be a private launch between a handful of people, to what is now a membership association of over 650 people that stands for something much bigger than just saving money and getting deals. 

What Makes LVRG So Different?

What we have done is we have created a membership that people subscribe to every month that gives them access to the deals and discounts that we have negotiated with companies around the world. Similar to a well-known business model that was created by Costco. 

A community of entrepreneurs - mostly small business owners - have come together to get deals and discounts on the best tools and software they can find to help them grow their business. They are saving money, growing their businesses and feeding people. 

Every time a LVRG membership is purchased, we take a percentage of those profits and give it to our partnered non-profit - Feed A Billion. They are restless in their pursuit to help end MAJOR issues that are happening around the world.

Sex Trafficking - Lack of Education - Extreme Poverty.

What exactly is Feed A Billion?

Feed A Billion is a non-profit organization dedicated to ending world hunger and feed the world by 2020. Did you know, 1 in 8 people do not know where their next meal will come from? Feed A Billion states that every four seconds, someone dies of hunger. Daily, that equates to 21,600 people.

Each meal costs about 10 cents and in its first nine months, Feed A Billion managed to provide approximately 1.3 million meals.

They recently launched their #billionmealchallenge, which is a social media campaign that was created by the Founder Dr. Ambuj Jain and CEO Jason Sisneros to increase awareness around Feed A BIllion. 

Their impact is being made all over the world, but in 3 countries in particular - USA, Africa, and India (Asia). Here is an example of what one girl named Helen's situation consisted of: 

"When there is no food available, the smokestack at the school’s kitchen would not blow smoke. When there is no smoke, Helen and the 400 school children often skip class in search of food to fill their empty tummies. When children wander, it's easy for them to get lost and be stolen by traffickers."

What does LVRG have to do with this?

When we founded LVRG, we decided that we wanted to be a part of something bigger. Something that would impact millions of people in a variety of ways. We partnered with Feed A Billion in April 2018 because we wanted our members to feel connected to something that matters. We also wanted to be completely transparent with where their money was going when they join the membership.

As a savings-based company, we know that it’s important to small business owners to spend wisely. That’s why we wanted to provide ample opportunities for both savings and social responsibility with just one membership fee.

How Does LVRG Help Small Business Owners Grow?

Due to the fact that the CEO and Founder of LVRG - Sylvania Harrod - has over 10 years of Corporate sales experience and has sold over one billion dollars in technology, he has been able to leverage (you won't be able to say this word without thinking of us now) his expertise and use his business acumen to the company's advantage. 

The LVRG community and membership is built by small business owners, entrepreneurs, digital marketers, coaches, and consultants. Therefore, the deals, discounts, and partnerships that are created are very strategic to helping the community save money on the tools that they may need to continue to scale their companies.

On top of the tools and software that are provided, LVRG also ensures that the company partnerships that are made also come with education on how to use the product or service.

What Role Do Our Members Play In All This?

As a LVRG member, you are now a part of a community that uses its resources to help others grow, thrive, and excel in their lives. Our outreach with Feed A Billion has allowed us to feed over 150,000 people worldwide since March 2018. 20% of your membership fee will be donated to Feed A Billion. After that, Feed A Billion will use your donation to partner with local food charities that provide sustainable meals around the world.

Not only will you save your business an average of $3,000 per year; you will simultaneously be lending a helping hand to end world hunger. Welcome to LVRG; a community that is restless in its pursuit to feed one billion people.

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